Honorary Unsubscribe Book Collections The People You Will Wish You Had Known

There are multiple Honorary Unsubscribe books out now, covering the earlier honorees. If a particular person’s writeup is no longer shown on this site, the associated book is the only place to read it.

The “Books” tab in the menu bar shows what is available right now, but the summary is:

  • Volume 1: the first 140 people honored, from 1998-2000, in ebook format (paperback coming soon).
  • Volume 2: 146 more people honored, from 2001-2003, in ebook format (paperback coming soon).
  • Volume 3: another 149 amazing people, from 2004-2006, in ebook format (paperback coming soon).
  • Volume 4: 146 more cool people, from 2007-2009, in ebook and paperback.
  • Volume 5: another 150 interesting people, from 2010-2012, in ebook and paperback.
  • Volume 6: 148 incredible people, from 2013-2015, coming soon in ebook and paperback.
  • Volume 7: 151 additional honorees, from 2016-2018, coming around Christmas 2020.

You won’t believe the amazing people you would have wanted to know.

A Note Regarding the Date of Publication: The publication date shows the issue date of whatever This is True newsletter carried it first, and that date is always a Sunday. The honor is almost always written the day after at the last minute for the “Premium” (paid) edition of the newsletter, which is published the next day. Because of this, it’s possible for the publication date to be the day before someone’s death date. This is due to a quirk in our publication scheduling, not evidence of Randy telling the future.