Honorary Unsubscribe Book Collection: Volume 3 These are the people you will wish you had known.

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150 Amazing People

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This third volume of astonishing people has more amazing inventors: the doctor who invented the implantable drug infusion pump, which is now used by diabetics to keep blood insulin levels in check. The doctor who came up with acetaminophen, to treat your headaches and other pains. The physicist and engineer who invented the crash-test dummy (and why). The guy who came up with the idea for renting videos. The microbiologist who is responsible for saving more lives than anyone else in history.

There’s also the woman who founded the first rape crisis center in the U.S. (because her 15-year-old daughter really needed it). The guy who came up with the first web crawler to create a search engine (it wasn’t Google).

And then there’s the artists — the guy responsible for bringing Batman to modern audiences, after the character declined after World War II. The woman who created “Brenda Starr”. The man who quit his corporate job and came up with a new concept to help the poor: the food bank.

You’ve heard of the Green Berets — the very first Special Forces team. Have you ever heard of the secret agent who was responsible for creating them, and chose the color of the beret? You will here. And the guy who was the first Blue Angel — the U.S. Air Force’s precision flying team.

Not to mention the doctors who improve or save lives, like the one in New Zealand who recognized, and developed a treatment for, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Plus, of course, a number of rocket scientists and other geeks.

The mainstream media tend to worship celebrities and sports figures, but the real heroes in life are often anonymous to the public. This volume includes 149 of those fascinating men and women.

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The Honorees

Included in Volume 3:

  1. Digital sound pioneer Thomas G. Stockham Jr.
  2. Writer Jack Cady
  3. Obstetric anesthesiology pioneer Gertie Marx
  4. Movie trailer reinventor Andrew J. Kuehn
  5. Scifi agent and editor Julius Schwartz
  6. Female prisoner advocate Sybil Brand
  7. Over-the-moon composer Bart Howard
  8. Bang-up producer Dana Broccoli
  9. Computer missionary George E. Pake
  10. Rocket scientist William H. Pickering
  11. Yet Another Unknown U.S. Marine
  12. Special Operations operative Aaron Bank
  13. Soviet dissident Larisa Bogoraz
  14. Manufacturer turned health lobbyist Phil Sokolof
  15. Army wife Julia Compton Moore
  16. Deaf educator Edward Scouten
  17. Surgeon Richard Lynn Varco
  18. Medical experimentation victim David Reimer
  19. Highway engineer Marilyn Jorgenson Reece
  20. Book publisher Roger W. Straus Jr
  21. Eye surgery pioneer Charles Kelman
  22. Doctor Jordan B. Fieldman
  23. Federal judge Prentice Marshall
  24. Infant anatomist Edmund Crelin Jr.
  25. Pulp author Hugh B. Cave
  26. Valiant illustrator John Cullen Murphy
  27. The imaginative Sam McKim
  28. The “R” of “H&R” Richard A. Bloch
  29. Pop food scientist William A. Mitchell
  30. Carried-away actress Fay Wray
  31. War photographer Carl Mydans
  32. Taboo researcher Elisabeth Kübler-Ross
  33. Bright as a comet Fred L. Whipple
  34. Jack-O-Farmer Nick Venetucci
  35. Beachcomber Al Baldwin
  36. Accidental spy Iceal Hambleton
  37. Foghorn-voiced Scott Muni
  38. Magnificent 1/7th Leroy Gordon Cooper Jr.
  39. Photographic art pioneer Helen Gee
  40. First Amendment defender Richard M. Schmidt Jr.
  41. The jazzy Joe Bushkin
  42. Best buddies Jeremiah Baro and Jared Hubbard
  43. Media critic Reed Irvine
  44. The rational Ancel Keys
  45. Universalist Albert A. Dorskind
  46. JPLers Jane Galloway, Kerri Agey and Dorothy Forks
  47. Loyal American Harry Ueno
  48. The supportive Harold Benjamin
  49. Headache-free Julius Axelrod
  50. The demanding Gerard Debreu
  51. Victim advocate Oleta Kirk Abrams
  52. The scientific Dennis Flanagan
  53. The captivating Nick McDonald
  54. Television legend Johnny Carson
  55. The low-pressure Edward D. Freis
  56. The well-grounded Karl Linn
  57. Non-dummy Samuel W. Alderson
  58. High-flier Uli Derickson
  59. The safely clad George F. Crikelair
  60. The pre-recorded George Atkinson
  61. Superdad Richard Dutrow
  62. The very patient Simon Eisdorfer
  63. The cold-hearted Wilfred G. Bigelow
  64. Real-life Starr Dale Messick
  65. The well-vaccinated Maurice R. Hilleman
  66. Civic-minded Marla Ruzicka
  67. Educational TV pioneer John F. White
  68. The well-decorated David H. Hackworth
  69. The magical Jay Marshall
  70. Actor-impressionist Frank Gorshin
  71. The alarming E. Harris Nober
  72. Heroic actor Leon Askin
  73. The record-breaking Simon Waronker
  74. Happily married Percy Arrowsmith
  75. The non-ignorant Shana Alexander
  76. Gutsy pilot Ray Holmes
  77. Classic-maker Ernest Lehman
  78. Wartime gypsy Frances Langford
  79. Easy dinner creator Gerry Thomas
  80. The very healthy Richard Doll
  81. Good politician Jay Hammond
  82. First Blue Angel Roy Voris
  83. Typecast film maker David Loeb Weiss
  84. Down and dirty Ronald F. Scott
  85. Presidential doctor Daniel Ruge
  86. Woman Kathy Wilson
  87. Dancer Murphy Matthews Jr
  88. Laser inventor Gordon Gould
  89. Extremely equal Constance Baker Motley
  90. The hospitable John van Hengel
  91. TV writer Devery Freeman
  92. The very open Alexander Yakovlev
  93. Extraordinary doctor Bill Inman
  94. Artist R.C. Gorman
  95. Management guru Peter F. Drucker
  96. Consequential truthteller Ralph Edwards
  97. Sensei Noriyuki Morita
  98. The bosomy buddy Wendie Jo Sperber
  99. Classic clothier Peter Haas Sr.
  100. Friend of the Earth Richard Sandbrook
  101. High achiever Paul Williams
  102. Healer Bradford Cannon
  103. Networker Evelyn Fowler Grubb
  104. Vietnam hero Hugh Thompson Jr
  105. The jazzy Bob Weinstock
  106. The Good-hearted W. Hunter Simpson
  107. “Grandpa” Al Lewis
  108. The Boopalicious Myron Waldman
  109. Southern chef Edna Lewis
  110. Head Cowsill Billy Cowsill
  111. The tireless Peter Snow
  112. Chicken evangelist Robert C. Baker
  113. The findable Paul Flaherty
  114. The sudsy Gloria Monty
  115. Gem in the Rough Frederick H. Pough
  116. Japan expert Otis Cary
  117. E-patient Tom Ferguson
  118. The non-bionic Bruce A. Peterson
  119. Barehanded Harold Raymond Kingsmill Bates
  120. The well pinned-up Joyce Brand
  121. Non-smoker Heather Crowe
  122. Southern desegrationist Hugh B Patterson Jr
  123. Swinger Eddie Malone
  124. Olympic trailblazer Neroli Fairhall
  125. Staying in Vegas Manuel J. Cortez
  126. The Ever-hungry Robert Carrier
  127. Productive adult Lou Dantzler
  128. Patients rights pioneer Zelda Foster
  129. Arizona photographer Ray Manley
  130. Master Navy diver Carl M. Brashear
  131. The bookish Frederick G. Kilgour
  132. Well-belted James Van Allen
  133. Maori queen Te Arikinui Dame Te Atairangikaahu
  134. Research biologist Vernon M. Ingram
  135. Rocketman Rocco Petrone
  136. Women’s rights crusader Estelle R. Ramey
  137. Indoor environmentalist P. Ole Fanger
  138. School hostage Emily Keyes
  139. Public servant Joseph Kauffman
  140. Comedy writer Jerry Belson
  141. News explainer Christopher Glenn
  142. Disguised friend Arthur Peacocke
  143. Big-picture thinker Jean-Jacques Servan-Schreiber
  144. Grand Master Jack Williamson
  145. Buchenwald savior Jack Werber
  146. Anti-smoker Allen Carr
  147. Madame Ambassador Jeane J. Kirkpatrick
  148. Vinyl legend Ahmet Ertegun
  149. Trauma surgeon Robert Freeark
  150. American scholar Seymour Lipset

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