Honorary Unsubscribe Book Collection: Volume 4 These are the people you will wish you had known.

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146 Amazing People

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This fourth volume of astonishing people has more amazing inventors: the doctor who invented kidney dialysis. The engineer who came up with the life-saving EpiPen. The writer who thought up the communications satellite — and didn’t make a penny on the idea. The chemist who invented the MRI machine. The man who designed the disposable syringe, the tranquilizer gun, the childproof pill bottle, the silent burglar alarm, and more. The doctor who came up with Gatorade, and why it’s called that. The engineer who came up with the key technology to allow cell phones to work. The doctor who did the first coronary bypass — and came up with the Mobile Army Surgical Hospital concept, and the TV producer who co-created the TV show M*A*S*H. The guy who figured out a new tire material would make great bulletproof vests.

And then there’s the artists, like the man who came up with Bozo the Clown. The founder of Comic-Con. The toymaker who made more than 2 billion toys. The inspiration for Rainman. The designer who created the POW/MIA flag.

The public servants, such as the founder of Habitat for Humanity, and what set him on that path. The woman who suggested to the president that he create a new agency: NASA. The longest-serving police patrol officer known in the history of the United States. Watergate informant “Deep Throat”. The pharmacologist who figured out why it’s so hard to quit smoking — and came up with a way to help. The nurse who brought hospices to the United States.

And Mr. Wizard!

The mainstream media tend to worship celebrities and sports figures, but the real heroes in life are often anonymous to the public.

All those stories are in this book, plus more than a hundred more (146 total). The stories are fascinating: you won’t believe the cool people you have missed in your life. These are the people you will wish you had known.

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The Honorees

Included in Volume 4:

  1. Siren turned scary Yvonne De Carlo
  2. Social commentator Art Buchwald
  3. Friend of the homeless Abbe Pierre
  4. Nasdaq founder Gordon S. Macklin
  5. The semiconductive Alan G. MacDiarmid
  6. Educator Walter Sondheim Jr.
  7. Press freedom proponent John Seymour Chaloner
  8. Propagandist Lothar-Guenther Buchheim
  9. Campy actor John Inman
  10. The Smoke-Free Peter VanVechten Hamill
  11. Gene mapper Milton Wexler
  12. MRI inventor Paul C. Lauterbur
  13. Prolific cartoonist Johnny Hart
  14. Reading teacher Marie Clay
  15. Frequent driver Warren Avis
  16. Archivist Robert M. Warner
  17. Laser pioneer Theodore Maiman
  18. Mother Anna Radosz
  19. Physicist Pierre-Gilles de Gennes
  20. Oscar expert Patrick Stockstill
  21. Women’s rights pioneer Edwin Traisman
  22. Mr. Wizard Don Herbert
  23. TV Producer Ed Friendly
  24. Super Skipper Eugene B. Fluckey
  25. The very fit Ralph S. Paffenbarger Jr.
  26. Tuberculosis expert George W. Comstock
  27. Cinematographer Laszlo Kovacs
  28. Conservationist Melvin Lane
  29. Civil rights attorney Oliver W. Hill
  30. Big Bang father Ralph Alpher
  31. Oscar Madison model Roy Gerber
  32. Olympic hero Richard Jewell
  33. Inspiring author Madeleine L’Engle
  34. Mickey Mouse marketeer Ralph Kent
  35. The clear-eyed Norman G. Gaylord
  36. The good-hearted Edmund H. Sonnenblick
  37. Screenwriter Charles B. Griffith
  38. Hateful writer Peg Bracken
  39. The constantly evolving Leslie Orgel
  40. Careful listener Chad Varah
  41. Rosemary author Ira Levin
  42. The well-structured Herbert Saffir
  43. Gator-aider J. Robert Cade
  44. Anti-drunk-driving pioneer Robert I McCarthy
  45. Capitol Stepper Bill Strauss
  46. Entrepreneur J. Lawrence Cassingham
  47. Egalitarian governor Lee Sherman Dreyfus
  48. The playful Richard Knerr
  49. WASP Evelyn Pinckert Brier
  50. Photographic enabler Henry Froehlich
  51. Poster boy John Alvin
  52. Helicopter inventor Frank Piasecki
  53. Wendy cinematographer David Watkin
  54. Entebbe raider Dan Shomron
  55. Wingman Donald Lopez
  56. A.I. Heretic Joseph Weizenbaum
  57. Scifi master Arthur C. Clarke
  58. Thinking man’s writer Abby Mann
  59. Movie mogul Guy McElwaine
  60. The chaotic Edward Lorenz
  61. The resistant Germaine Tillion
  62. The regretful Philipp von Boeselager
  63. Kiwi tinkerer Colin Murdoch
  64. Smokeless Murray Jarvik
  65. The ignored Sister Catherine Mulkerrin
  66. The Fickle-Fingered Dick Martin
  67. The indestructible Jack Lucas
  68. Breastfeeding advocate Edwina Froehlich
  69. Real character Stan Winston
  70. The high-fidelity Carl G. Eilers
  71. Medical laser pioneer William R. Bennett Jr.
  72. The rosy Bill Lofthouse
  73. Greatest surgeon Michael E. DeBakey
  74. Last lecturer Randy Pausch
  75. Media freedom advocate Clay T. Whitehead
  76. Second half Lou Teicher
  77. Westerner Jack A. Weil
  78. Virus researcher Thomas H. Weller
  79. Sesquipedalian Laurence Urdang
  80. The worldly Don LaFontaine
  81. Typewriter expert Martin Tytell
  82. End-of-an-era owner Henry Z. Steinway
  83. One of the Gang Thomas McDonald
  84. Sign language linguist Edward Klima
  85. Blood doctor Ernest Beutler
  86. Jazz musician Neal Hefti
  87. Inventive telephone researcher Amos E. Joel
  88. White House photographer Cecil Stoughton
  89. Hospice pioneer Florence Wald
  90. Comedy writer Irving Brecher
  91. Slinky entrepreneur Betty James
  92. The Absolutely Fabulous director Bob Spiers
  93. “Deep Throat” informant W. Mark Felt
  94. Book editor Thomas B. Congdon Jr.
  95. The prolific Donald E. Westlake
  96. Number Six, Patrick McGoohan
  97. Jazzy sitcom writer Gordon Mitchell
  98. Toymaker Hans Beck
  99. Habitat founder Millard Fuller
  100. Artificial organ inventor Willem J. Kolff
  101. Cancer researcher John Kanzius
  102. The honorable tabloid Rocky Mountain News
  103. War correspondent Ann Bryan Mariano
  104. Hollywood record label executive Alan W. Livingston
  105. Gymnastics pioneer Glenn Sundby
  106. Newsman Irving R. Levine
  107. Columnist (and spy!) Tom Braden
  108. Banned Books Week founder Judith Krug
  109. Circus scout Timothy J. Holst
  110. Legendary swinger Frankie Manning
  111. Space law expert Eilene Galloway
  112. Citizen lobbyist Robert B. Choate Jr.
  113. Suicidologist Edwin S. Shneidman
  114. The not-forgotten Newt Heisley
  115. Anti-Nazi minister Franklin H. Littell
  116. The once-a-cop, always-a-cop Manuel Curry
  117. Data-mining expert Rajeev Motwani
  118. Shaky inventor John Houghtaling
  119. Super-registrar Sylvia Levin
  120. Hungarian nationalist Bela Kiraly
  121. Principal Frank Mickens
  122. World War I veteran Henry Allingham
  123. Music video pioneer Heinz Edelmann
  124. Accidental medical benefactor Sidney Zion
  125. Australian bushfire survivor Koala Sam
  126. Pro-freedom journalist Malik Akhmedilov
  127. Diagnostician A. Stone Freedberg
  128. Psychological warfare operative Barbara Lauwers Podoski
  129. Parawing inventor Francis Rogallo
  130. M*A*S*H co-creator Larry Gelbart
  131. KKK nemesis W. Horace Carter
  132. Beatles’ inspiration Lucy Vodden
  133. Lifesaver Sheldon Kaplan
  134. Heroic teacher Heather Christensen
  135. Airy thinker Richard Whitcomb
  136. Essential scholar Ted Sizer
  137. Rocket scientist Qian Xuesen
  138. Comic-Con founder Shel Dorf
  139. Original Smokejumper Earl Cooley
  140. Seventh-degree black belt Rusty Kanokogi
  141. Bulletproof chemist Lester Shubin
  142. Safety engineer H. Harrison Hurt
  143. Man of 50 stars Robert G. Heft
  144. Fertility savior Walter E. Stamm
  145. Rainman inspiration Kim Peek
  146. Equal-opportunity golfer Bill Powell

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