Honorary Unsubscribe Book Collection: Volume 5 These are the people you will wish you had known.

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150 Amazing People

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This fifth volume of astonishing people has more amazing inventors: the teens who came up with the Frisbee, and the snowboard. The physicists who figured out how to do digital photography “in not more than an hour” — and why they needed to invent it.

The pioneers in computers, including the inventor of the laptop, and the inventor of ebooks. The creators of some of the best TV you’ve ever seen.

Accomplished women such as the first computer programmer, the secretary who “saved” The Diary of Anne Frank, the first female TV director. The physicist who figured out how to make blue and ultraviolet LEDs, which enabled new technologies and industries. The researcher who “brought about a revolution in biological and medical research,” winning her the Nobel Prize.

Brilliant writers, cartoonists, and musicians. The teachers and rocket scientists who worked to show us new things. The doctor who “prevented more cancer deaths than any person who’s ever lived,” and the doctor who figured out organ transplants, and the one who figured out in vitro fertilization.

The mainstream media tend to worship celebrities and sports figures, but the real heroes in life are often anonymous to the public. Each of the stories will make you realize the cool people you have missed in your midst. These are the people you will wish you had known.

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The Honorees

Included in Volume 5:

    1. Memory savior Miep Gies
    2. TV director Frances Buss Buch
    3. Mystery novelist Ralph McInerny
    4. Andy Griffith Show writer Aaron Ruben
    5. Frisbee inventor Walter Morrison
    6. Inventor Ronald Howes Sr.
    7. Space artist Robert McCall
    8. Bomber pilot Mariya Dolina
    9. Resistance fighter Andree Peel
    10. Healthful antagonist James W. Black
    11. Photographer of history Marty Lederhandler
    12. PC inventor H. Edward Roberts
    13. Supertramper George Nissen
    14. Salmon River Caveman Richard Zimmerman
    15. School reformer Saul Bruckner
    16. White Room dictator Güenter Wendt
    17. Chipwich inventor Richard LaMotta
    18. Polymath Martin Gardner
    19. House Party host Art Linkletter
    20. Imagination inducer Himan Brown
    21. The very conscious Fred Plum
    22. Thinker Anthony Quinton
    23. Swiss businessman Nicolas Hayek
    24. Cold type inventer Louis Moyroud
    25. The elderly (and he loved it) Robert Butler
    26. The statistically relevant David Blackwell
    27. Politically incorrect cartoonist John Callahan
    28. Hybridizer John Aylesworth
    29. Terrorist thwarter Reginald Levy
    30. TV producer David Wolper
    31. Star Gazer Jack Horkheimer
    32. Leader William P. Foster
    33. Book editor Larry Ashmead
    34. Boy-voiced Billie Mae Richards
    35. Giant Killer John Goeken
    36. Violinist Clair Cline
    37. Prolific dyslexic Stephen J. Cannell
    38. The fractalized Benoit Mandelbrot
    39. Panelist Leo Cullum
    40. Kangaroo Neighbor James E. Wall
    41. LEM Team Head Joseph Gavin
    42. Cardiologist Richard J. Bing
    43. Illuminated physicist Gertrude Neumark Rothschild
    44. Pox expert Frank Fenner
    45. “Green Nobel Prize” founder Richard N. Goldman
    46. Rocket scientist Walter Haeussermann
    47. Technology Ethicist Gary Chapman
    48. Suara Auru Fred Hargesheimer
    49. Democracy proponent Szeto Wah
    50. Children’s book author Ronald King-Smith
    51. The Golden-Eared Don Kirshner
    52. Godfather of Fitness Jack LaLanne
    53. Rubber-faced comedian Charlie Callas
    54. Pussycat Tura Satana
    55. The prolific Bill Justice
    56. Model Joanne Siegel
    57. World War I veteran Frank W. Buckles
    58. D-Day hero Leonard Lomell
    59. Ronald McDonald inspiration Kim Hill
    60. Libyan Journalist Mohammed Nabbous
    61. Pioneering computer programmer Jean Bartik
    62. Disease researcher Baruch Blumberg
    63. WASP flier Violet Cowden
    64. Lucy writer Madelyn Pugh
    65. Microcharity pioneer Mildred Leet
    66. Bell physicist Willard Boyle
    67. Persistent writer Dick Wimmer
    68. Dogface extraordinaire Paul Wiedorfer
    69. Nobel laureate Rosalyn Yalow
    70. The adjective, noun Leonard Stern
    71. TV composer Fred Steiner
    72. Ballroom dancer George Ballas
    73. Emmy-winning comedy writer Sam Denoff
    74. Blacklisted doctor Joseph Hittelman
    75. The anti-cancer David Servan-Schreiber
    76. Recomposer Frank Bender
    77. Transplant enabler Baruj Benacerraf
    78. Carpet mogul Ray C. Anderson
    79. Songwriter Jerry Leiber
    80. Klan unmasker Stetson Kennedy
    81. Khmer Rouge survivor Vann Nath
    82. Ebook inventor Michael Stern Hart
    83. Ziggy creator Tom Wilson
    84. IVF pioneer Carl Wood
    85. Freedom Rider Gordon Negen
    86. Operating system pioneer Dennis Ritchie
    87. Communications innovator Robert W. Galvin
    88. Chinese toddler Wang Yue
    89. “Ask Beth” columnist Elizabeth Winship
    90. Right-on-time Physicist Norman Ramsey
    91. Panel cartoonist Bil Keane
    92. Luthier extraordinaire Rene Morel
    93. Pizza roller Jeno Paulucci
    94. Skiing spymaster Peter Lunn
    95. The woman behind the successful man Barbara Orbison
    96. Literary hotelier George Whitman
    97. Innovation enabler Jack Goldman
    98. Mind-body connector Robert Ader
    99. Comic-Con co-founder Richard Alf
    100. Computer prodigy Arfa Karim Randhawa
    101. Chemist James R. Arnold
    102. Comedy director John Rich
    103. ALS researcher Richard K. Olney
    104. Columnist and author Jeffrey Zaslow
    105. Hospice pioneer William Lamers Jr.
    106. Pinball wizard Steve Kordek
    107. Atheist theologian William Hamilton
    108. World-saving chemist F. Sherwood Rowland
    109. “Death with Dignity” activist Peter Goodwin
    110. “Mr. Coffee” Samuel Glazer
    111. Arms control analyst Roger Molander
    112. Pediatrician Leila Denmark
    113. Comedy director Paul Bogart
    114. Guitar teacher to the World Bert Weedon
    115. Forgotten hero George Vujnovich
    116. Game Show creator Bob Stewart
    117. The Angel of the Gap Don Ritchie
    118. School bus driver Frank Edward Ray
    119. Remotely famous Eugene Polley
    120. Cartoonist Jim Unger
    121. Art designer Stan Jolley
    122. Piano teacher Capitola Dickerson
    123. Police officer Celena Hollis
    124. Workplace civilizer Harry Levinson
    125. Goony comedian Eric Sykes
    126. The habitual Stephen Covey
    127. Lucy’s director William Asher
    128. Cross-sectional imager Robert Ledley
    129. Firefighters’ helper William Mensing
    130. Film critic Judith Crist
    131. Digital designer Victor Poor
    132. Hepatitis B foe R. Palmer Beasley
    133. Photojournalist Malcolm Browne
    134. Laptop innovator Bill Moggridge
    135. Snowboard inventor Tom Sims
    136. Win-win Negotiator Gerard Nierenberg
    137. Ecologist Barry Commoner
    138. “Sheriff” John Rovick
    139. The completely innocent George Whitmore Jr.
    140. Tech innovator Stanford Ovshinsky
    141. Concentration camp photographer Wilhelm Brasse
    142. Safety engineer John Fitch
    143. Sea kayaker Derek Hutchinson
    144. Research psychiatrist Daniel Stern
    145. TV editor Dann Cahn
    146. Transplant pioneer Joseph E. Murray
    147. Astronomy educator Patrick Moore
    148. Barcode inventor N. Joseph Woodland
    149. Savvy nun Agnes Turk Richardson
    150. Nobel laureate Rita Levi-Montalcini

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