Honorary Unsubscribe Book Collection: Volume 6 These are the people you will wish you had known.

The Latest Volume, Coming February 2023

148 Amazing People

This sixth volume of interesting people includes the guy who came up with a turntable “pickup” that made “high fidelity” records possible. The Secret Service agent that saved Ronald Reagan’s life. The woman who saved American parents from the thalidomide prescription drug disaster.

Who was the first U.S. Navy “frogman” — and why was he called that? The guy who made film sound easier to record, and the other guy who made it easier to listen to. The 25-year-old who convinced the U.S. Government to stop censoring American war correspondents (he had to go to the White House to make it happen). The priest who invented the suicide hotline.

The guy who brought the “Sting-Ray” bicycle to Schwinn (it sold millions). The talent spotters who “discovered” later-famous actors and singers. The computer visionaries who changed the world. The woman who changed Wall Street. The doctor who invented the idea of a burn unit. Even the guy who decided to dynamite the Internet-famous “exploding whale.”

Scientists, inventors, doctors, professors, writers, reporters, musicians, and more who changed the world in ways you may be aware of, but had no idea who it was that made the change.

The mainstream media tend to worship celebrities and sports figures, but the real heroes in life are often anonymous to the public. Each of the stories will make you realize the cool people you have missed in your midst. These are the people you will wish you had known.

The Honorees

Included in Volume 6:

  1. AMAZING California Lover Huell Howser
  2. Political realist James M. Buchanan
  3. Bundles for Britain founder Lady Malcolm Douglas-Hamilton
  4. Extraordinary collector Larry Selman
  5. Portable audiophile Stefan Kudelski
  6. Immortal character Stuart Freeborn
  7. Talent spotter Mark Kamins
  8. Ethical Surgeon General C. Everett Koop
  9. Honor student Bailey O’Neill
  10. Angel Nurse Mildred Dalton Manning
  11. Polio expert Jacquelin Perry
  12. Anti-censor fighter A.B.C. Whipple
  13. Rocket scientist Yvonne Brill
  14. Repentant racist Elwin Wilson
  15. The ever-Lumpy Frank Bank
  16. Human computer Shakuntala Devi
  17. Comedy director Jack Shea
  18. Father of Cell Biology Christian de Duve
  19. “Sting-Ray” designer Al Fritz
  20. The twisted Charles Burford
  21. Brave soldier Vernon McGarity
  22. Storm Chasers Tim Samaras, Paul Samaras, and Carl Young
  23. Maverick Minister Will D. Campbell
  24. Comedic enabler Bernie Sahlins
  25. Houseware innovator Sam Farber
  26. Futurist James Martin
  27. Computer visionary Douglas Engelbart
  28. Anti-Nazi pilot Nadezhda Popova
  29. Financial journalist James Russell
  30. Humane person Berthold Beitz
  31. SETI Chief John Billingham
  32. Devil’s Advocate Jacques Verges
  33. Financial Maverick Muriel Siebert
  34. Music Man Murray Gershenz
  35. Tie-in novelist Ann Crispin
  36. Sound physicist Ray Dolby
  37. Limnologist Ruth Patrick
  38. Visionary neuroscientist David H. Hubel
  39. Visionary mathematician Abraham Nemeth
  40. Child Advocate Dottie Berger MacKinnon
  41. Prison nun Sister Antonia Brenner
  42. Fighter pilot J. Robinson Risner
  43. Frogman John Spence
  44. Exploding Whale icon George Thomas Thornton
  45. Code-breaker Mavis Batey
  46. Big & Small philanthropist Fred Kavli
  47. Computer privacy pioneer Willis Ware
  48. Book publisher André Schiffrin
  49. Free education pioneer Charles M. Vest
  50. Cancer geneticist Janet Rowley
  51. Maple leaf flag designer John Ross Matheson
  52. “Adam Smith” George Goodman
  53. Lunch counter activist Franklin McCain
  54. Sidewalk astronomer John Dobson
  55. Wee Pals cartoonist Morrie Turner
  56. “Shaft” arranger Johnny Allen
  57. Gentleman farmer Walter Cottle Lester
  58. Pianist Alice Herz-Sommer
  59. Mathematician Lee Lorch
  60. Medical historian Sherwin Nuland
  61. Burn doctor A. Richard Grossman
  62. Libertarian Tonie Nathan
  63. Clever POW Jeremiah Denton
  64. Newspaperman and teacher Charles S. Stone Jr
  65. Jesuit priest Frans van der Lugt
  66. NASA engineer John Houbolt
  67. LCD inventor George Heilmeier
  68. Research physician Jacinto Convit
  69. Test pilot James Coleman
  70. Singing cowboy Herb Jeffries
  71. Book editor Oscar Dystel
  72. TV critic Steven Scheuer
  73. Thought-provoking novelist Daniel Keyes
  74. Polymer chemist Stephanie Kwolek
  75. Pilot Rollin King
  76. Rocket scientist Fred Ordway
  77. Olympic medalist Alice Coachman
  78. Virologist Joep Lange
  79. ASL popularizer Robert Panara
  80. Makeup artist Richard E. Smith
  81. Non-smoker Jesse Steinfeld
  82. Chopin expert Jan Ekier
  83. Good listener Helen Bamber
  84. Privacy advocate Hal Finney
  85. Digital pioneer Andrew Kay
  86. Rock producer Cosimo Matassa
  87. Emergency medicine pioneer Gail V. Anderson
  88. Medical informatics founder Morris Collen
  89. Circumnavigating pilot Jerrie Mock
  90. Radio host Luther Masingill
  91. Queer priest Bernard Mayes
  92. Death with Dignity advocate Brittany Maynard
  93. Glass chemist S. Donald Stookey
  94. Anti-war soldier Tomas Young
  95. Director Mike Nichols
  96. The radical Denham Harman
  97. Supercentenarian researcher L. Stephen Coles
  98. Airman Lowell Steward
  99. Network executive Brandon Stoddard
  100. Senator Edward Brooke III
  101. Extraterrestrial roboticist Alberto Enrique Behar
  102. TV sports director Tony Verna
  103. Children’s TV campaigner Peggy Charren
  104. Author Colleen McCullough
  105. Chemist Carl Djerassi
  106. Designer Kenji Ekuan
  107. Chocolate magnate Michele Ferrero
  108. Writer and social critic Avijit Roy
  109. Playful researcher Brian Sutton-Smith
  110. Medical philosopher John D. Arras
  111. Ceramic engineer Joel Moskowitz
  112. Film preservationist Roger Mayer
  113. Energy researcher Richard Post
  114. Cop shrink Martin Reiser
  115. Sign designer Betty Willis
  116. Writer Michael Blake
  117. Rocket engineer Oscar Holderer
  118. Lamaze advocate Elisabeth Bing
  119. Ethical university president John Lo Schiavo
  120. EMS pioneer Stanley Zydlo
  121. Typographer Hermann Zapf
  122. Space spokesman Jack King
  123. Comic manager Jack Rollins
  124. Birdmaker Don Featherstone
  125. Beekeeper Burt Shavitz
  126. Animator and sculptor Blaine Gibson
  127. Sitcom pioneer Peg Lynch
  128. Pre-hospital trauma pioneer Norman McSwain
  129. Aeronautic physician Forrest Bird
  130. Fussy bureaucrat Frances Oldham Kelsey
  131. Policeman Edward Thomas
  132. Bartender Sasha Petraske
  133. Acoustic researcher James Flanagan
  134. “Adam-12” training officer Martin Milner
  135. Suicidologist Norman Farberow
  136. The Reverend Everett Parker
  137. Mafia nightmare Joseph Coffey
  138. Presidential protector Jerry Parr
  139. Canadian Caper diplomat Ken Taylor
  140. Children’s hospice savior Kirsty Howard
  141. Burn treatment pioneer Howard Green
  142. The very brave Adel Termos
  143. Pickup artist Norman C. Pickering
  144. Space Cadet Al Markim
  145. Real American George Sakato
  146. Ignored hero Tibor Rubin
  147. Solar-powered physicist Harry Tabor
  148. Science fiction writer George Clayton Johnson